Footy player reveals what really happened when she and her teammates were hit with ‘hot or not’ ratings by men’s side in sexist disgrace

A women’s footy player has revealed that she and her teammates ‘broke down in tears’ after being subjected to vile comments from male players in suburban Melbourne.

The player told of how she ‘felt helpless’ when she and her Donvale teammates entered the field of play after half-time against Knox, with male players from the rival club rating the players ‘1-10’ or as ‘hot or not’.

The men also tried to trip the women as they ran out.

One Donvale player, speaking to News Corp anonymously, said the incident was ‘overwhelming’ and that she and her teammates already felt ‘uncomfortable’ before the comments were made. 

‘It was really hard to take in as we had a game to play but as soon as the game was over and we all realised what happened a lot of us broke down in tears and just felt helpless,’ she said.

‘Personally I haven’t had anything as full on as this. I’ve had individual men come up to me and say things that aren’t really appropriate but this was a group of 20 men standing, laughing and making comments about us.

The Donvale players (pictured) were shaken up by the incident, but still managed to win their match. One of the players has since spoken out

‘The only thing I want to emphasise is the amount of other men from Knox that were around them not saying anything.

‘Unfortunately I really do believe that men aren’t going to stop behaving like this unless other men call it out, they don’t listen to women.’

The incident happened during an Eastern Football Netball League match and the player insists strong sanctions need to be handed down. 

‘There needs to be a punishment because unfortunately these boys aren’t going to learn unless something like footy gets taken away from them,’ she said.

‘I think there needs to be education and an outside group that comes in to educate everyone.’

The incident has led to widespread outcry from the footy community, with Port Adelaide star Travis Boak publicly condemning the episode. 

‘(It) is for the club and the league to handle (the) punishment but is just a sorry going to cut it? Will this affect any change in behaviour,’ he told News Corp.

‘High standards in regards to respect need to be set in all workplaces and then a high level of support to help educate everyone the importance of being a good human being and the effects it has.

‘It’s not about ‘you have done this, you’re a bad person’ but about how you can learn and be better from this because this isn’t the level of respect we have for women and people in our community.’

Boak said only men can change the behaviour of men towards women. 

‘No one is above anyone, we are all equal and respect for women and women in sport is a part of being a good human being,’ he said.

‘This sort of action just doesn’t represent how we should show up in the world particularly towards women and women in football where the game has grown so much and become a huge success in terms of young girls striving to play at the top level and follow their AFL heroes.’

A men's reserve team has been stood down following the incident

A men’s reserve team has been stood down following the incident

Port Adelaide star Travis Boak called out the behaviour of the Knox players on social media

Port Adelaide star Travis Boak called out the behaviour of the Knox players on social media 

An investigation is underway and Knox announced its reserves team has been stood down ‘indefinitely’ until the probe is completed.

‘Our internal investigation executed by KFNC in conjunction with Donvale Football Club revealed that the individuals involved were members of our development team,’ a club statement said.

‘At the request of KFNC, the EFNL have engaged an independent investigation into the incdent to ensure transparency and accountability.

‘KFNC are implementing a comprehensive behavioural and domestic violence educational program across the entire club. Participation in this program will be mandatory for all members, with a ‘no education, no play’ rule in effect.

‘We understand the gravity of this situation and the importance of taking swift and decisive action.’

Donvale president John Giles said: ‘Donvale Football Club have been made aware by our women’s team that they were subjected to offensive remarks by an opposing club on Saturday.

‘This is a matter of serious concern and we are investigating further.

‘In addition we have been informed that both the opposing club and the league are investigating the matter.

‘We feel that no further comment should be made by us until these investigations are completed.’

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