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her daughter is her young double!

Among the Gainsbourg-Attal siblings, the youngest, Jo Attal, is particularly discreet. But her famous mother, Charlotte Gainsbourg, shared photos of her on Instagram. And the resemblance is striking…

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal are the parents of three children, Ben, born in 1997, Alice, born in 2002 and the youngest, Jo, born in 2011. The latter is very discreet and her public appearances are rare. But recently, it was her mother, Charlotte Gainsbourg, who shared photos of her youngest daughter on her Instagram account. And she looks just like him…

Jo Attal, lookalike of her mother Charlotte Gainsbourg: a new photo revealed

The young teenager is very discreet, her public appearances are rare. There are also not many photos of the latter on social networks. But recently, it was his mother, Charlotte Gainsbourg, who shared photos on her Instagram account.

If the resemblance was already obvious with her two other children, the last one resembles Charlotte Gainsbourg even more. In this photo, she is even the double of her mother when she played in the film The cheeky onein 1985.”I think she looks like her mother with Serge’s look.” a user also commented in reference to Serge Gainsbourg. “She seems to look like Charlotte when she was a teenager“, added another. Her last public appearance was in 2021, where Jo walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival for the screening of her mother’s documentary, Jane by Charlotte.

Who are the other children of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal?

Since 1991, Charlotte Gainsbourg has shared Yvan Attal’s life. In 1997, the couple welcomed their first child: Ben. After training as a chef, he became an actor alongside his father and in several of his films. It is also found in Uborn young girl who is doing well of Sandrine Kiberlain in 2022 and The Kings of the track by Thierry Klifa in 2023.

That same year, the young man married Jordane Crantelle, 13 years his senior, director of a communications agency in Los Angeles and ex-partner of Gaspard Ulliel. Indeed, the family lived in New York a few years after the death of Charlotte Gainsbourg’s half-sister, Kate Barry.

His daughter Alice Attal, born in 2002, is more discreet. She shares some photos on her Instagram account as well as some songs that she sings, a passion for the young woman. In 2023, his brother revealed in the podcast As long as there will be men, that she had returned to live in Paris after heart problems in New York. She is regularly photographed at events where she accompanies her mother, with whom she is very close. Last summer, we could also see him with his companion, River Magee, at the funeral of his grandmother, Jane Birkin.

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