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The Ministers of Transport and Irrigation discuss the position of joint projects and coordination between the two ministries

Lieutenant General Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, and Professor Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, held a coordination meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Transport in the New Administrative Capital, in the presence of the executive leadership of the two ministries, to discuss common issues and coordination between the two ministries, and to overcome any obstacles facing joint projects.


At the beginning of the meeting, Lieutenant General Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir expressed his keenness to enhance joint cooperation between the two ministries and to benefit from the projects undertaken by the Ministries of Transport/Water Resources and Irrigation (first-class navigation locks – mobile bridges). – Expansion, deepening and dredging of the canal) and maximizing the role of river transport and increasing the volume of its participation in transporting goods and exploiting the advantages enjoyed by river transport (reducing traffic densities and accidents on the roads / saving fuel), within the framework of the state’s policies to open new transport arteries to serve the national economy, Dr. Sweilem stressed the vital role of the two ministries in serving the development goals in the various governorates of the Republic, stressing the importance of immediately overcoming any obstacles facing the joint projects with the aim of completing them according to the timetable set for them.


This was done during The meeting reviewed the rehabilitation and operation of the navigational corridor of the Ismailia Canal to serve the transport of goods to the industrial zones in (Shubra El Kheima / Mostorod / Abu Zaabal / 10th of Ramadan), linking it to the river transport network, increasing the volumes of transport by river transport and reducing pressure on the roads in the Delta region.



The position of waterway disinfection (canals) was also reviewed. Drains), which have roads on their bridges, with an emphasis on the necessity of preserving the water sector to ensure the passage of the required water operations while preserving the bridges to prevent negative impact on the roads, with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation continuing to take into account the compatibility of the equipment used in disinfection work with the designed canal sectors. And emphasizing the continued use of barges in disinfection work in the main canals with large bottom widths so as not to obstruct traffic on nearby roads.


Dr. Sweilem indicated that the Ministry is currently studying the use of The products of canal disinfection after mixing them with some natural materials and using them to reshape and stabilize canal bridges as one of the tools for expanding the use of environmentally friendly materials in various Ministry projects. During the meeting, procedures for maintaining and replacing the existing bridges and locks were also discussed in a way that ensures their structural safety and does not impede the flow of water in the waterway. Or obstructing traffic on the bridge or surrounding roads.



It was also emphasized to continue coordination between the agencies of the two ministries regarding the work of implementing the main axes. The upper waterways and the Nile River, as well as road paving works on both sides of the waterways, especially with the great importance of these axes in facilitating movement, serving development projects and new urban communities, and linking the road network east and west of the Nile.


It was agreed to continue joint coordination between the two ministries regarding the work of paving the right side of the Al-Salam Canal, provided that the work will be carried out by the Ministry of Transport with the technical supervision of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation to maintain or replace any water industrial works under the road if needed.

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