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“admiring” his daughter whose career in fashion is “taking off”

Quite discreet about his private life, the popular host Stéphane Rotenberg broke the armor a little during an interview. He notably spoke about his daughter, Emma, ​​and his job far from the small screen.

Stéphane Rotenberg seems to have been on all fronts for over 25 years. We find him in the animation of Turbo, Top chef or Beijing Express, including the last season titled The Golden Tiger Route ended on May 4. A new edition which required him to be away from home for several weeks… A sacrifice not always obvious even if things are better today since his daughter, Emma, ​​is now 27 years old and leads her life as side.

Guest of Buzz TV Figaro, on May 14, the star host of M6 opened up about his family life. At 56 years old, he is a proud father!

Who is his daughter Emma?

With the love of her father and mother Nathalie Pisibon – who is a producer and director of programs for the M6 ​​group – Emma came into their lives in 1997 after a few wonderful years together. Now, aged 27 and after a career as a model in Italy, her future seems to map everything in this fashion industry. In 2018, his first fashion brand was launched under the name Rowen Rose. She is already enjoying great success with more than 80,000 subscribers on Instagram. The great class which obviously makes his parents proud.

On this subject, Stéphane Rotenberg does not fail to express his pride in his daughter, his “heroin“, became a designer and business woman. “She has a fashion brand that is taking off very well, I am extremely admiring because what she does is incredible. did he declare. On the brand’s website, we can see that it is possible to treat yourself to earrings for 195 euros, a corset for 1325 euros or even a long black dress for 1750 euros.

A busy schedule: the entertainer absent from his daughter’s birthday parties?

By being in the four corners of the world for 45 days each year, the host inevitably had some hiccups in terms of family life. Starting with his daughter’s birthdays…”Today I’m used to it, but it was difficult when I was little. Especially when he wasn’t there for my birthday! (…) I hit the TV screen while calling him. I was upset because he didn’t answer me!she admitted in 2014.

Now an adult and having gained her independence, Emma wastes no time in building new memories with her father by going to the latter’s filming locations when she has the opportunity. A beautiful bond!

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