Iran president crash latest: ‘No sign of life’ as Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter found on side of steep mountain

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi‘s life is at risk after his helicopter crashed in a “very concerning” accident amid heavy fog in northern Iran.

Rescuers on Monday found the helicopter that was carrying the Iranian president, as well as the country’s foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahian and other senior officials, that crashed in the mountainous northwest reaches of Iran.

There has been “no sign of life” detected at the crash site of a helicopter carrying the Iranian president, Iranian state TV said on Monday just minutes after Red Crescent Society announced its team had reached the site.

The aircraft had a “rough landing” near Jolfa, the Iranian city on the border of Azerbaijani exclave Nakhchivan, around 600km northwest of the Iranian capital Tehran.

The helicopter was seen from a distance of some 2km, the head of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, Pir Hossein Kolivand, told state media.

Turkish authorities said drone footage showed a fire some 20km south of the Azerbaijan-Iranian border on the side of a steep mountain.

State media has yet to report on casualties or confirm the whereabouts or condition of the president – but urged Iranians to pray for Mr Raisi.

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