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What is the boyfriend blush makeup trend?

Boyfriend blush is all over my social media right now (that, and Jacob Elordi for Bottega Veneta).

The makeup trend speaks to blush applied in a way that emulates the face of a flustered man – specifically your boyfriend – right after they’ve finished exercising. Instead of the apples of the cheek, ‘boyfriend blush’ is applied lower on the face, beneath the cheekbones from the ear towards the nose. The idea is that it looks sporty, a little ruddy. The boyfriend blush poster boys are, unsurprisingly, Harry and Will as well as their mum, the late Princess Diana.



@malloryosses Replying to @steelothee1 BOYFRIEND BLUSH FOR OBLONG FACES 🤭 #oblongface #oblong #blusher #boyfriendblush @Mallory Osses @Mallory Osses ♬ original sound – Mallory Osses


It’s not exactly revolutionary — low blush placement and the idea of a natural ‘flush’ have long been used editorially and on the runway (actually, it was a feature at AFW, namely Rory William Docherty and All Is A Gentle Spring). But I love the internet and its ability to hyper-fixate on fun makeup regardless of it being repurposed or not.


@russhmagazine Boyfriend blush… wdyt?! #boyfriendblush #blush #blushhack @Charlotte Tilbury RUSSH Magazine” href=” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>♬ original sound – RUSSH Magazine

Despite my lack of technical skills, I tried boyfriend blush and loved the way it turned out. I think it looks more natural when you take any excess product across the bridge of your nose, as well. Some might argue this is more of a sunburnt look, but when we blush naturally, our blood vessels dilate with no discernible beginning or end point. And I’m here for anything that makes me look fresh and youthful.

As for the product you use, it’s entirely up to you. I love creams; I think the application is easier and prefer a dewy finish. The tone you opt for also depends on your complexion, but a sheer raspberry or  true cool pink is a good place to start.



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