4 people were killed and millions were cut off from electricity as a result of a hurricane that struck the coasts of India and Bangladesh

Dhaka, May 27 / WAM / At least four people died as a result of strong winds and heavy rain brought by Cyclone Rimal, which struck the coasts of India and Bangladesh and caused power outages for millions.

Officials at the Ministry of Energy in Bangladesh said today that about three million people were cut off from electricity.

The authorities in Bangladesh announced that about 800,000 people had been transferred to shelter centers as the cyclone approached, while India announced that 110,000 people had been transferred to similar centers.

The Indian Meteorological Department stated that the storm crossed coastal areas, including the port of Mongla in Bangladesh and the neighboring Sagar Islands in the state of West Bengal in India, with wind speeds of up to 135 kilometers per hour late yesterday evening, Sunday.

The authorities said that a person died as a result of concrete falling on him in Kolkata, while a woman died when her mud house collapsed on Moosoni Island in the Sunderban Delta.

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