Public Security stresses that anyone holding a visit visa will not be allowed to enter Mecca until June 21

General Security has confirmed that anyone holding a visit visa of all types is not allowed to enter or remain in the Holy City of Mecca, starting from 11/15/1445 AH, corresponding to May 23, 2024, until 12/15/1445 AH, corresponding to June 21, 2024.

 He pointed out that the visit visa of all types and names does not entitle its holder to perform Hajj, urging all guests of the Kingdom who hold a visit visa not to go to the Holy City of Mecca or stay there during the specified period announced.

 General Security stressed that anyone who violates this will be subject to the application of penalties, in accordance with what is required by the regulations and instructions in the Kingdom, in order to preserve the safety of the guests of God who are authorized to perform the Hajj, so that they can perform their rituals in security and reassurance.


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