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"words" Invites promising Emirati writers to join "Writers’ retreat"

Sharjah, May 29 / WAM / Kalimat Group announced the opening of participation for promising Emirati writers in the second session of the “Writers’ Retreat” programme, the first training and guidance program of its kind in the region concerned with developing writers’ skills, which is being held this year with the support of the Ministry of Culture. Under the slogan “Choose Your Path” from next August 10 to 17 at the heritage “The Chedi Al Bait Hotel – Sharjah” in the “Heart of Sharjah” area.

This came after Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi, Founder and CEO of Kalimat Group, and His Excellency Sheikh Salem bin Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of Culture, signed an official memorandum of understanding.

Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi said: “The United Arab Emirates has an abundance of creative talent, including authors who, through professional guidance and refining their talent, can produce distinguished works that enrich Emirati cultural life. The Writers’ Retreat forms a community to discover and hone the skills of promising writers, encourage them to interact with each other and empower them.” To develop their literary identity.

For his part, His Excellency Sheikh Salem bin Khalid Al Qasimi said: “One of the main tasks of the Ministry of Culture is to enrich the local creative scene, starting from nurturing talent all the way to the literary production stage. We are committed to the vision of our wise leadership in empowering the cultural and creative industries sector, including supporting authorship, publishing and content, and strengthening and promoting the Arabic language.” Among young creative people, our cooperation with Kalimat Group in the “Writers’ Retreat” is a very promising endeavor aimed at nurturing local Emirati talents in the field of writing and achieving lofty goals.”

His Excellency added: “The writers’ retreat provides an opportunity to discover and nurture talent in the field of literature and creative industries, as enhancing creativity is part of our strategic and forward-looking vision to achieve the country’s sustainable development goals. We look forward to producing high-quality Arabic content to enhance the status of the Arabic language as the language of science and culture and the foundation of our Emirati identity.” .

The Ministry of Culture is working to create a thriving cultural and creative ecosystem in the country by enhancing talent and providing support to creative institutions throughout the country, which will contribute to strengthening the role of the creative economy in the UAE.

The memorandum of understanding concluded by the Ministry with Kalimat Group would lead to greater interest in this field and encourage more Emirati writers to start a collection of rich literary works.

The Writers’ Retreat established participant selection criteria to identify promising Emirati writers who are characterized by passion, commitment, and a desire to advance their careers, explore diverse writing styles, learn from mentors, and network with literary and publishing industry experts and fellow participants.

Applications for participation will be subject to a comprehensive evaluation process by a specialized committee, where professional and promising writers can submit applications for participation directly or nominate via the following link: which began yesterday and will continue until next July 21.

The next session of the “Writers’ Retreat” includes a comprehensive training and guidance program that includes sessions presented by specialized experts on character development and emotional storytelling, in addition to writing sessions inspired by nature and individual training sessions with well-known writers and experts in the field of literature to identify individual voices and writing styles. The program offers a number of benefits. Additional activities such as meditation and healthy lifestyles ensure personal and professional growth for all participants.

The program succeeded in achieving positive results in its previous session after providing a creative space for committed Emirati writers that gave them the opportunity to focus and interact in the field of writing, as 70% of the participants indicated the growth of their skills in the field of creative writing, in addition to submitting 10 book drafts and publishing two books.

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