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Indie Outfit Studio Unagi Opens in Montreal.

Animation veteran Guillaume Dubois has partnered with Ankama‘s Anthony Roux to launch Studio Unagi, a new animation studio based in the Canadian animation, vfx and gaming hotbed of Montreal.

The banner’s inaugural slate of projects includes “Bestial” and “Sacré Coeur,” both of which are produced by Ankama, the studio behind the cult favorite adult animated feature “Mutafukaz” and video game franchises such as “Dofus” and “Wakfu.” Studio Unagi will specialize in creating 2D animation and Japanese-style animation and will develop content for YouTube and video games.

‘Bestial’ is a new animated series set in the Krosmoz universe, the setting of Ankama’s “Dofus,” “Wakfu” and “Waven” online video games. A character-driven action-adventure show, “Krosmoz,” was written to address issues that matter to young people, such as animal abuse, survival and humanist values. The show’s protagonist is Yrehn, a guardian and representative of nature who is charged with protecting the last individual of a legendary species.

Studio Unagi

‘Sacré Coeur’ tells the story of a brilliant 12-year-old inventor who faces off with supernatural creatures across the picturesque landscapes of Paris. In each encounter, the child tinkers, invents or discovers a fantastic machine that helps repel evil forces and keep the French capital safe.

“Sacré Coeur”
Studio Unagi

From its inception, the studio attracted great interest, receiving more than 700 spontaneous applications. Made up of 90% Canadian talent and 10% international talent, the team is distinguished by a strong female presence: 75% of positions are occupied by women, including key roles in production and animation. The studio’s artists, mainly senior profiles, bring a high level of skill and creativity.

As a premium and independent boutique studio, Studio Unagi carefully chooses its projects, ensuring real added value in each collaboration. This selective approach and its privileged partnership with Ankama make Studio Unagi a solid new player in the animation sector.

Guillaume Dubois, founder and President of Studio Unagi, explained in a release: “Our ambition with Studio Unagi is to combine the technical and artistic excellence of Japanese animation with the cultural wealth and creativity of Montreal in order to create a competitive offering in North America. We want to create works that resonate with anime fans across the world while providing a space where talent can flourish.”

Anthony Roux, Ankama founder, added: “Our collaboration with Studio Unagi was born from our shared passion for animation and our desire to push the boundaries of creativity. By relying on their expertise, we want to bring a new dynamic to the industry and create compelling stories that honor the spirit and aesthetic of the Ankama universe and anime in general.”

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