China “copied” Russian fighters and missile systems

China “copied” Russian fighters and missile systems –

The US military portal 19FortyFive confirmed that the Chinese missile and fighter systems are based on Soviet and Russian developments.

It is noteworthy that the PLA Air Force uses the Shenyang J-11 fighters, which are based on the design of the Russian Su-27.

The portal wrote: “China may have reverse-engineered aircraft components without Russia’s permission. As a result, the J-11 looks exactly like the Su-27.”

China has also acquired Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems. According to the portal, the Chinese HQ-9 air defense system is “suspiciously similar” to the Russian complex.

The Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning is also referred to as a weapon based on Russian developments.

Earlier, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army began large-scale military exercises with live ammunition, which will be held in six waters around Taiwan.

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