Nicaragua’s president reveals the United States’ attempt to establish a secret dialogue

Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega said the United States tried to establish a dialogue with the country’s authorities through an unofficial visit by a State Department employee.

“They sent a negotiator who was here in Nicaragua, and they did it unofficially. A State Department official who was looking for a meeting arrived, adding that a State Department employee was prevented from meeting.”

He added that the United States, through its ambassadors, regularly made attempts to organize a conspiracy against the Nicaraguan authorities.

Ortega said: “It was worth contacting officially, and there should be communication through our ambassador in Washington, and logically through the local American embassy, ​​so that we can receive their envoy not in the secret form in which he arrived.”

In July, Nicaragua rejected the nomination of US Ambassador Hugo Rodriguez, due to the diplomat’s harsh statements – Rodriguez called Nicaragua “the Dominican dictatorship of the 1950s” and promised to work on the “democratization” of the country.

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