• TechnologyUnited States sues Google for monopoly

    United States sues Google for monopoly

    hard blow to Google. The government of USA and another eight states have denounced the technology giant for an alleged monopoly in the market of digital advertising. In its demandpresented this Tuesday before the courts, accuse the multinational of abusing its “monopoly power” to benefit its business and harm that of its competence. “The anti-competitive behavior Google has raised the…

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    Gmail maker predicts total disruption for Google as chatbot ChatGPT challenges tech giant’s monopoly

    A developer, Paul Buchheit, 45, who was behind Gmail believes Google’s time as the go-to site for search may be curtailed by the arrival of ChatGPT, which uses artificial intelligence The computer developer who created Gmail predicts that search engine Google may only have a year or two to go before a “total disruption” occurs following the release of an…

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