Scientists: the approaching “hellish” heat and the impossibility of working in the summer


Scientists from the American Duke University came to the conclusion that in the future the inhabitants of the Earth will not be able to work on the street for a long time due to the warming climate.

The researchers warned that if the planet’s temperature rose above 2 degrees Celsius, the economic loss from lower labor productivity would amount to $1.6 trillion annually.

Experts say workers in tropical and subtropical regions such as Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Western Pacific will be hardest hit.
Nowadays, many workers suffer from extreme heat during the day when they are working outside. The scientists said that outdoor activities will become more and more difficult with each additional temperature.

In many countries, it would be nearly impossible to engage in important agricultural and construction work in the summer without harming people.
The article said that India, China, Pakistan and Indonesia, where most citizens work outdoors, will face significant economic losses due to climate change.

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