Russia begins testing an unmanned radar for reconnaissance of ground targets

In Russia, a drone with a radar station on board for reconnaissance of ground targets began to be tested.

According to a source of the military-industrial complex, on the basis of the Orion reconnaissance aircraft, a radar and radio unmanned reconnaissance aircraft was created by Kronstadt specialists.

According to the source, flight tests of the unmanned vehicle are currently underway. He also explained that the drone is equipped with a multifunctional abdominal radar, which allows reconnaissance of various ground targets, including electronic reconnaissance of radiation sources, such as anti-aircraft missile systems.

In addition, the source noted that the UAV is still able to perform the functions of target identification, and attack on UAVs.

He added, “It is envisaged that the drone will be introduced into the reconnaissance and strike perimeter of the unified tactical control system.”

Gazeta.Ru examined in detail the principle on which kamikaze drones operate and why they are needed at sea.

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