Japan monitors Russian troop transfers from the Far East to the West

Japan’s Defense Ministry has announced that four large Russian amphibious assault ships headed west last week, passing through the strait in northeastern Japan.

“We don’t know where they are going. But, by their path, it is possible towards Ukraine,” the Japan Times quoted a representative of the Defense Ministry as saying.

It is alleged that photos released by the agency show that military trucks were parked on the deck of one of the ships. The ministry also noted that Russian ships rarely pass near Japanese territory.

The Japanese Self-Defense Forces Maritime Patrol recorded for the first time the activity of Russian ships on March 15.

Earlier, the Russian ambassador in Tokyo, Mikhail Galusin, was summoned to the Japanese Foreign Ministry, where Deputy Foreign Minister Takeo Mori handed him a note of protest against the decision of the Russian authorities to withdraw from the dialogue on a peace treaty.


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