Pre-school children in the United States chant an anti-Biden hymn

A preschool teacher in Southern California has taught children an insulting chant about US President Joe Biden.

According to the New York Post, the teacher received a lot of complaints, after the video with the children’s performance of the song reached the parents.

In the video, the teacher asks the children: “Who is our boss?”

In response, the children in the choir shouted: “Biden!”

Then the teacher asks, “What do we want to do with it?” .

Her students shout, “We want him to leave!”

After the incident, some parents pulled their children out of school, the NYPD wrote.

And in the US state of South Dakota, an electronic road sign appeared earlier with the inscription Let’s Go Brandon – a euphemism that replaces the obscene insults of Biden.

The last three letters (FJB) seem to be an acronym for the insult itself, which can be translated as “To Hell with Joe Biden.” The authorities do not yet know who is the owner of the idea.


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