US offers Russia to exchange Bout for Whelan and Greener

US offers Russia to exchange Bout for Whelan and Greener – 

CNN, citing sources familiar with the discussions, reported that US President Joe Biden supports a plan to replace Russia’s Victor Bout with Americans Britney Greiner and Paul Whelan.

According to them, the proposal was sent to Russia in June. The sources did not elaborate on their details, indicating that they are waiting for a response.

On March 5, American basketball player Britney Greiner was arrested while passing customs control, the service dog was interacting with the athlete’s things, since cannabis oil was found, banned in Russia.

In this regard, a criminal case was initiated in two articles: smuggling and drug possession. The athlete faces up to ten years in prison.

There was also information that Britney Greiner could be exchanged with Russian businessman Victor Bout, who is serving a 25-year prison sentence in America for illegal arms trafficking.

On July 9, it was reported that Biden called the sister of Paul Whelan, a convicted espionage in Russia, and assured her that Washington was seeking his release.

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