US made a very good offer to Russia to exchange Brittney Griner

US made a very good offer to Russia to exchange Brittney Griner – 

Congressman Colin Allred said that the US authorities have made a very good offer to Russia in connection with the exchange of American basketball player Brittney Griner, who is accused of smuggling prohibited substances.

“The ball is now completely on the side of the Russian court. I think Greiner’s prospects now look better in all the time since her arrest.”

He expects the athlete to be judged first, and only then will Russia agree to the exchange.

Earlier, William Pomeranz, a specialist in Russian law and politics, and deputy director of the Kennan Institute, commented on the possible Greiner exchange.

On March 5, the basketball player was arrested while passing through customs control, and the service dog responded to the athlete’s things, since cannabis oil, which is banned in Russia, was found.

In this regard, a criminal case was initiated in two articles: smuggling and drug possession. The athlete faces up to ten years in prison.

There was news about the possible exchange of US citizens Grener and Paul Whelan for Russian businessman Victor Bout, who is serving a prison sentence in the United States.

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