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Israel allocates $150 million for a laser air defense system

Israel allocates $150 million for a laser air defense system – 

The Israeli government’s Arms Procurement Committee has approved more than NIS 500 million ($150 million) for the development and purchase of the Magen Or (“Light Shield”) laser-based missile interception system.

The system will be built by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which created the Israeli missile defense systems Iron Dome and Iron Beam. The contract was concluded for six years and includes the development of both ground and military components of the system, as well as aircraft components.

Haaretz notes that the allocation of funds occurred after US President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel. The United States is also expected to participate in the development and procurement of a laser air defense system.

Earlier it was reported that Israel has successfully tested a laser air defense system. The country’s Defense Ministry said the system had successfully shot down drones, missiles, mortars and anti-tank missiles in its first series of tests.

The tests were conducted in the Negev desert in southern Israel. The Ministry of Defense originally planned to deploy the anti-missile system by 2024, but some units insisted on an earlier date.

According to the head of the ministry’s research and development department, the tests were conducted at “difficult” durations and timings. He stressed that the use of lasers changes the course of war, and the technology itself is easy to operate and is proving to be economically viable.

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