Megan Fox invites Kourtney Kardashian to create a joint account on OnlyFans

American actress Megan Fox posted some racy pictures with Kourtney Kardashian and invited the model to create an account on OnlyFans.

In the photos of Polaroid, which the 36-year-old Megan Fox posted on social networks, she and 43-year-old Kourtney Kardashian appeared in lingerie. In the first photo, the girls are sitting on the floor with their heads held high, in the second photo, Fox is sitting on the toilet, and Kardashian is on her lap, in the third photo, they are both standing on the bed, showing Skims underwear.

“Skims teasers shoot with Kourtney. Maybe it’s time for us to create an account on OnlyFans,” the actress signed a series of photos.

The photos appear to have been taken during last year’s shoot for Kim Kardashian’s body-shaping brand, which Meghan and Kourtney modeled for.

“I love that Skims really understand what women want to wear and that they want to feel sexy, confident and liberated,” Megan Fox said after filming.

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