Kaiwi Lyman Producing & Starring In Brazilian Feature ‘A Matter Of Choice’

EXCLUSIVE: Kaiwi Lyman is producing and starring in a romantic drama film out of Brazil.

The Den of Thieves and American Violence star is playing opposite Juliana Lourenção (Valley of the Forgotten) and Daniel Volpi in A Matter of Choice. Filming has begun in Florianópolis, Brazil, with capital Santa Catarina the main setting.

Lyman’s production company, Odin’s Forge Entertainment, is making the film along with Anderson Dresch’s Ocotea Filmes. Fabio Cabral is the director, and it is has investment from motorcycle company Royal Enfield.

The film stars Lourençãoas as Andréia, who finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship with Pedro (Volpi), a deceitful and unscrupulous man.

She discovers motorcycling and initiates a transformation in her life, where she finds the support of Michael (Lyman), whose personality embodies the true essence of freedom and companionship. Together, they embark on a journey filled with challenges, discoveries and the pursuit of a life full of authenticity and passion.

This marks a second production in Brazil for Lyman. The first was Americanaa Disney Latin America series that is rumored to be the largest TV production in the country’s history. Shooting in São Paulo and set for a premiere on Disney+ this year, the detective drama follows Lyman in a story based on the Confederates (‘Confederados’) who left the U.S. for Brazil after losing the American Civil War.

São Paolo production house CineFilm is making Americana based on scripts from Maurilio Martins and Manuel Moruzzi. Two six-episode seasons were ordered ahead of a launch date this year.

Disney+ will replace Star+ in Latin America this year.

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