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Egypt October: President Sisi’s support for the national dialogue is a strong motivation for the government to implement the outcomes

Engineer Ahmed Al-Baz, Assistant Secretary-General of the Egypt October Party, member of the Youth Coordination of Parties and Politicians, said that the government’s interest in implementing the outcomes of the first phase of the national dialogue, which amounted to 135 recommendations, reflects the interest of the executive institutions in moving forward towards implementing those outcomes and the citizen’s feeling. With its results on the ground. 


Al-Baz added: In his statements today, the government’s presentation of an implementation plan for the dialogue’s recommendations reflects the extent of the richness and effectiveness represented by the dialogue’s proposals and their ability to resolve many of the issues raised during the discussions, stressing the importance of having a timetable for completing the implementation of those recommendations on the ground. 



The Assistant Secretary-General of the Egypt October Party praised the full support given by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to the national dialogue, and his always affirming his sovereignty to implement everything referred to him. Of implementable proposals or recommendations, noting that the President’s support was a strong motivation for the government’s belief in the national dialogue and its keenness to implement its outcomes. 



He pointed out that the dialogue sessions addressed the majority of the problems that concern the Egyptian citizen, whether in the economy, education, health, or investments of various kinds, in addition to resolving the problems of guardianship of money and family issues in general, which have troubled many families for decades.

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