United Boeing 787 was forced to divert from Newark to upstate NY after wind shear injured 22 passengers on final approach and pilot feared he’d run out of fuel before second attempt at landing

A United Airlines Boeing 787  flight was forced to make an emergency landing after wind shear injured passengers on board as the pilot feared he would run out of fuel.

The Newark-bound flight from Tel Aviv was diverted to New York Stewart International Airport because of reported ‘extreme turbulence’ on Friday. 

‘I’m declaring emergency right now,’ the pilot told flight control on Friday evening after wind shear prevented them from landing at Newark Liberty International Airport.

‘We’re min fuel,’ the pilot said after a back and forth with air traffic control. ‘We just need to go direct.’

There were 312 passengers on board the Boeing 787 – seven of whom were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

A Newark-bound United Airlines flight made an emergency landing at New York Stewart International Airport on Friday 

Another 15 of the passengers were treated on site for injuries sustained during the flight, according to New Windsor EMS.  

‘High winds’ were the cause of extreme turbulence that prompted the emergency landing. 

New Windsor EMS said the United Airlines flight was making an approach to Newark from Tel Aviv when it experienced high winds at around 6:30 pm, according to News 12 Westchester

Passengers on board reportedly complained of nausea and some said they had chest pains due to the turbulence. No severe injuries have been reported.

An FAA statement said, ‘United Airlines Flight 85 landed safely at New York Stewart International Airport, about 75 miles upstate of its intended destination, around 6:45 p.m. local time on Friday, March 29, after the crew reported a passenger medical emergency. 

‘The Boeing 787 departed from Tel Aviv and was en route to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. The FAA will investigate. Please contact the airline for additional information.’

The Boeing 787 flight was diverted due to 'extreme turbulence' with seven passengers being taken to hospital

The Boeing 787 flight was diverted due to ‘extreme turbulence’ with seven passengers being taken to hospital 

In a statement to, United Airlines confirmed that a passenger had disembarked the plane for medical reasons and several others were seen by medical personnel.

‘On Friday, United flight 85 landed at Stewart International Airport (SWF) after reported high winds at Newark. 

‘One passenger deplaned due to a medical incident, and a few other customers were seen by medical personnel for possible motion sickness. The flight refueled and continued to Newark tonight.’

United didn’t say why the plane traveled upstate instead of attempting a second landing. Aviation experts online have speculated that the distance for a ‘go around’ second approach to Newark may have been even longer and could have emptied the plane’s fuel tanks.  

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