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Governors congratulate President Sisi on his swearing-in for a new presidential term

Governors across the Republic congratulated President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi today on the occasion of his taking the constitutional oath for a new presidential term before the House of Representatives in the New Administrative Capital.

In Aswan, Governor Ashraf Attia congratulated President El-Sisi on assuming a new presidential term, which It will be a period in which citizens will reap the fruits of the projects that have been established, which will contribute to transforming their lives for the better. It will also be the beginning of an era of other successive achievements in the new republic, taking Egypt to greater successes and creating a new glory for all current and future generations.

He said that President Sisi took over the rule of Egypt during a difficult period, but over the course of 10 years he was able, with wisdom and insight, to bring Egypt to safety despite the difficult challenges that the Egyptian state faced during this period.

He pointed out that President Sisi was able to restore Egypt’s position, value, and prestige among other countries, and all governorates, without exception, achieved successive, major, and gigantic achievements in all sectors of public work.

He added that during the period of President Sisi’s rule of Egypt, we monitored development to a very large extent through the establishment of Many projects in different sectors, and among the most prominent projects that contributed to creating a major boom in the Egyptian countryside were the presidential initiative projects (A Decent Life).

He explained that this initiative brought about a change in the lives of citizens and transformed all villages into mini-cities containing all services. The facilities are of high quality; Thus, they became attractive villages for the population after they had been the villages of Tard, which was paralleled with the implementation of a series of development and service projects such as: the comprehensive health insurance system, Long Live Egypt, and the replacement and renewal of infrastructure, in addition to development and beautification projects, axes, bridges, and the duplication of highways.

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In Assiut, Governor Essam Saad congratulated President Sisi on taking the constitutional oath before the House of Representatives and beginning a new presidential term, calling on God Almighty to grant His sovereignty success and crown his efforts to realize the hopes, aspirations and dreams of the Egyptian people and complete the process of development and the republic. He affirmed his appreciation for the great efforts he has made and the achievements made in all sectors to confront unprecedented challenges and move forward to complete the development process, noting that President Sisi’s achievements over the past 10 years are an unprecedented achievement for the benefit of the Egyptian citizen. . He continued that the governorate has enjoyed many developmental and national achievements and projects, including projects, health, education, electricity, petroleum, drinking water, sewage, axes and roads, developing industrial zones in the governorate and attracting new investments, declaring the Egyptian people’s alignment behind the president to complete the development process in all sectors.


In Kafr El-Sheikh, Governor Gamal Nour El-Din congratulated President Sisi and the great Egyptian people after he was sworn in for a new presidential term, in continuation of the efforts initiated by His Excellency to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development and uphold the rule of law and the constitution.

He said – in a congratulatory telegram – “President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, I am honored to send your Excellency, on my own behalf and on behalf of the people and agencies of the governorate, my most heartfelt congratulations; On the occasion of taking the constitutional oath for a new presidential term, as this great victory in the confidence of the great Egyptian people came as a result of the distinguished efforts in all fields, and the series of successes achieved during the last period.”

He added, “We ask the Almighty God to grant us success.” The President continues his new term as a continuation of the process of achievements and consolidating the foundations of the Egyptian state at the international and regional levels, and to perpetuate upon beloved Egypt the blessing of security, peace and prosperity, and to protect it and its people from all harm and evil."

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