New blow for Biden as Trump leads in six out of seven battleground states as only 28 percent say Democrat has mental fitness to be president, latest poll shows

President Joe Biden is trailing former President Donald Trump in six out of seven battleground states, new polling from The Wall Street Journal shows

The survey data, released Tuesday night, has Trump leading Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania. 

The two men are tied in Wisconsin when it’s just Trump and Biden on the ballot. Biden leads Trump in Wisconsin when third-party candidates are factored in. 

Biden’s biggest deficit is in North Carolina, a state that Trump narrowly won in 2020 and has a potent governor’s race that could make November’s result a nail-biter. 

And the president’s age continues to drag down his poll numbers – with just 28 percent of swing state voters saying they believed 81-year-old Biden had better physical and mental fitness to handle the White House. 

Former President Donald Trump

Wall Street Journal polling showed bad news for President Joe Biden, as he trailed former President Donald Trump in six out of seven battleground states 

Forty-eight percent of those surveyed said 77-year-old Trump. 

Another 20 percent of voters answered ‘neither.’ 

Across the board, both presidential candidates are highly unpopular. 

In every swing state, between 43 and 47 percent said they had a ‘very unfavorable’ view of Trump, while between 45 and 49 percent held a ‘very unfavorable’ view of Biden. 

Biden’s highest unfavorables were in Arizona, at 61 percent, whereas Trump’s received a 53 percent unfavorable rating in both Arizona and Wisconsin. 

Among the third-party hopefuls, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is attracting the most support – polling between 7 and 15 percent across the seven battleground states.

Kennedy, a prominent antivaxxer, does the best in Nevada where he gets 15 percent of the vote share to Trump’s 37 percent and Biden’s 33 percent. 

RFK Jr. gobbles up just 7 percent of the vote in Pennsylvania, where Trump leads Biden 41 percent to 38 percent. 

In a two-person race, Trump is also ahead of Biden by three points – 47 percent to 44 percent – in Pennsylvania, the state the president was born. 

Other third party hopefuls – indepenedent Cornel West, Libertarian Lars Mapstead and Green Party hopeful Jill Stein – are pulling away between 1 and 3 percent of the vote across the seven states. 

West, a civil rights leader and former backer of progressive presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, does the best in Pennsylvania, winning 3 percent of the vote,  whereas Mapstead polls at 3 percent in Arizona. 

The Libertarian Party won’t officially pick a candidate until the party’s convention in late May.  

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