Adelaide Crows v Melbourne Demons scores, results, fixtures, teams, tips, games, how to watch

Darcy Fogarty grabs the lead for the Crows with less than a minute on the clock.

The big Fog ran back with the flight of the ball and plucked a straightforward mark out of the air, just 10m from the big sticks. He then calmly slotted a simple check-side goal. Or is that a banana? What state are we in?

Whatever, the Crows take a five-point quarter-time lead, having had seven scoring shots to Melbourne’s two.

An interesting aside to what has been a tight and tense opening term is the amount of time players are being allowed to hang onto the ball. It is starting to reach laughable levels.

They can be swung almost full circle in a tackle before disposing of the footy, and the umpires still call play on.

Crows 2.5 (17) lead the Demons 2.0 (12).

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