"Floor prices" for farmers: the National Assembly adopts at first reading an environmentalist bill

The second try is the right one. In a sparse hemicycle, the Assembly approved on Thursday April 4 at first reading an environmentalist bill in favor of floor prices for farmers, despite the opposition of the majority and the government. The text of the environmentalist deputy for Drôme Marie Pochon was approved by 89 votes to 66, with the left voting for and the majority against.

For “guarantee a dignified income for farmers”the environmentalist text provides for a minimum purchase price set by “a public conference” in the sectors that wish it, or by decision of the government in the event of disagreement. The text provides that the prices thus determined make it possible to remunerate farmers up to twice the minimum wage, the minimum price being able to be reviewed every four months.

The bill, which takes up a measure proposed in a France insoumise text narrowly rejected in the hemicycle in November, also echoes the words of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, who had set an objective of “floor prices” during his stormy visit to the Agricultural Show in February, against a backdrop of peasant anger.

The National Rally abstained, affirming through the voice of Grégoire de Fournas to have “always been for rock bottom prices” but regretting the absence in the text of “devices for framing the margins” at the risk of feeding “food inflation”. The Republicans were almost absent from the debate, but MP Pierre Cordier expressed his disagreement with the text.

On the bench for the government, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Agriculture Agnès Pannier-Runacher vigorously rejected the system, judging it “inoperative” even if the government “fully shares his concern” regarding the income of farmers.

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