Lack of concentration to blame for Manchester United’s late slip up against Chelsea says Rio Ferdinand

Former Manchester United captain and current TNT Sports pundit Rio Ferdinand says Chelsea’s chaotic victory over the Red Devils saw him go through a wave of emotions as two stoppage time goals ensured the Blues earned a 4-3 win at Stamford Bridge.

Cole Palmer netted both, the first from the penalty spot and the second from a short corner, becoming the hero of the night in a performance that emotionally connected with the watching Chelsea fans.

Ferdinand blamed a lack of concentration for United’s downfall and called the 21-year-old, who joined the club from Manchester City last summer, Chelsea’s ‘jewel in the crown’.

“I’ve had every emotion today. At times I’ve been on the floor but at times I was high as a kite,” Ferdinand said after the final whistle went.

“For Man Utd to be 2-0 down and comeback to take the lead, to be in such command at 3-2 and composed at times. Madueke came on a changed the game but Cole Palmer was the shining light throughout the game. You have to pay respect to him, he’s the jewel in the crown now.

“This is what the Premier League is about, the Chelsea fans were leaving but came back in when that third goal went in. I’m devastated, the man utd fans are devasted but no one can deny that the desire and character of these players was there for all to see.”

Manchester United conceded two late goals to lose 4-3 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge (REUTERS)

Fellow pundit and former Chelsea player Joe Cole added: “I’m delighted, I love football, I love moments like this.

“All of these people watching come here and watch their team never give up and give them a moment. This will go down as one of the great games in this stadium, mark my words.

“For this team, this could be so important. It’s all about the moment, no other sport does this. It’s amazing.”

Ferdinand went on the explain that a lack of concentration was to blame for the visitors surrendering their lead as Palmer was able to receive a short corner unopposed and shoot before the United players even reacted.

He said: “I think they switched off. Concentration plays a huge part at the end of the games. There’s a lot riding on these types of games. In the midst of madness and chaos you have to people on top of their game.

“The corner comes out for the winner, Cole Palmer drifts out and no-one notices him. He’s the dangerman, he’s the guy you have to shut down more than anyone else on the pitch but he’s able to come out unopposed. He shouldn’t be able to get there and turn.

“If you’re professional and you understand the magnitude of the moment in this game you can’t afford to have those moments. You get punished at this level.”

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