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Parliamentarian: The president’s call to complete the national dialogue confirms the seriousness of the political leadership in confronting the challenges

Representative Amr Fahmy, a member of the Senate, appreciated the Egyptian family iftar ceremony, which was sponsored by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the great diversity that the ceremony witnessed among the attendees, including ministers, politicians, media professionals, experts, specialists, economists, social workers, clerics, youth, women, and all sectors of society and its various groups. Which contributes to creating extended bridges of communication between the people.

Fahmy said in a statement today that President Sisi’s speech during the Egyptian family’s iftar party witnessed the frankness and transparency that the Egyptian citizen has become accustomed to from his political leadership, which strengthened his strength and solidity. And its cohesion and unity in the face of the difficult crises and challenges that faced the nation over the past few years and in recent times, and contributed to creating civilization and cutting rocks in all parts of Egypt, in a high patriotic spirit.

The senator confirmed that President Sisi’s renewal of the charter The covenant between him and the Egyptian people, which is based on honesty and promise, is what made the Egyptian nation an ancient nation that seeks and makes great efforts to become at the forefront of nations, pointing out that the presence of media professionals, intellectuals and specialists in all fields confirms the political leadership’s keenness to support the path of awareness and its importance in forming interconnectedness. For a new republic that accommodates everyone, based on the principle of citizenship and non-discrimination, in which everyone unites in facing difficult challenges.

Fahmy praised President Sisi’s call to complete the national dialogue as a means of addressing the challenges facing the country, which confirms the seriousness of the political leadership. In dealing with the outcomes of the national dialogue to come up with solutions to all the challenges facing the nation, appreciating the efforts of the Egyptian state in dealing with internal and external crises, and its efforts towards developing projects to provide a decent life for citizens and support the most needy groups.

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