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Al-Rashidi: The continuation of the national dialogue confirms the president’s keenness to hear various voices

Representative Muhammad Al-Rashidi, a member of the Senate, said that organizing  The Egyptian family breakfast, and the scenes of representation of the various sectors of Egyptian society in the presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, confirm the state of societal cohesion and everyone’s agreement for the sake of Egypt and the drawing of the political road map for the new phase, which includes the priorities of political openness, the continuation of the national dialogue discussion, and support of the economic situation.


Al-Rashidi added, in  His statement today, Sunday, said that the President stressed the necessity of continuing the national dialogue, which confirms the President’s keenness to hear all and various voices that offer constructive visions for the sake of the nation, stressing the President’s keenness to pay attention to the previous National Dialogue discussions that began in April 2022 and resulted in several recommendations and proposals that exceed their number. 90, and that the continuation of the national dialogue will be with all openness and address various issues for the sake of a healthy, constructive discussion.


The senator indicated that President Sisi’s statements during the Egyptian family’s iftar ceremony drew The determinants of national action until 2030 include continuing to support youth and empowering women, at various political, economic, and societal levels, continuing Egypt’s economic reform measures, localizing industry, expanding the agricultural area, increasing foreign investments, supporting the private sector, and providing the necessary social protection measures for the most vulnerable classes, and the issue of building The Egyptian human being is a top priority for national action.



The senator added that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s statements expressed the policies of “strategic balance.” ; Regarding international and regional issues, Egypt should be at the forefront of nations, not paying attention to those who seek to distort the facts, and implementing measures to reform the economic path with the aim of increasing foreign direct investments and supporting the private sector while providing the necessary social protection measures for the most vulnerable classes.


The representative pointed out that the President pledged to continue striving and striving for the advancement and pride of Egypt, providing a decent life for its people, and preserving Egypt’s national security, independence, regional leadership, and international role.

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