Sports Newsletter| Salah’s numbers against United and Al-Ahly’s injuries

Salah’s numbers against United and Al-Ahly’s injuries. The most important sports news monitored by “Rosa Al-Yousef Gate” Today for its dear readers, sports enthusiasts and enthusiasts, in the sports bulletin, the most important sports news that occurred throughout the day, Sunday 04 – 07 – 2024, at all local and international levels.


The most important sports news For Sunday 04-07-2024


One of the most important news in the sports bulletin for Sunday 04-07-2024: Salah’s numbers against United and Al-Ahly’s injuries


Other game news


World Weapon Championship


A few days away from us About the launch of the World Weapons Championship for juniors and youth, which will be hosted by the Saudi capital, Riyadh, from the 12th to the 20th of this April. The Egyptian epee team roster included Abdel Rahman Tolba and Sarah Amr, and the team was accompanied by coach Maher Hamza.  The epee competitions will be held from the 12th to the 14th, and the delegation is scheduled to leave on the 11th of this month. While the list of fencing weapons for juniors and juniors was as follows: “Muhammad Yassin, Youssef Shamil, Mahmoud Al-Sayyed, Salma Tariq, Farah Mahfouz, Hana Iraqi, and Lulwa Suleiman.” The fencing list included young men and women: “Lulwa Suleiman, Farida Abdel Hamid, Heba Amr, Abdullah Nasr, Mustafa Amer, and Islam Osama.” Islam Osama and Lulwa Suleiman participate in the junior male and female competitions, and the team is accompanied by fencing coaches Sayed Sami and Islam Jamal. The fencing competitions will be held from April 15 to 17, and the delegation will depart on the 14 of this month. The list of sword weapons, male and female, included: " Ahmed Hisham, Ziad Nofal, Yassin Khadr, Al-Anoud Hegazy, and Renad Al-Daksh.” While the list of young men and women included: " Omar Dowidar, Ali Dowidar, Adham Shalabi, Najwa Nofal, and Khadija Hisham.” Omar Dowidar, Najwa Nofal, and Khadija Ismail are participating in the junior men’s and women’s competitions, and the team is accompanied by sword trainers Vincent Anestet and Jamal Abdel Latif.


Kisho Wrestling camps in Turkey in preparation for the global qualifiers for the Olympics 


_Mohamed Ibrahim Kisho, player of the national wrestling team, will travel to Turkey on April 11, to enter a closed camp in preparation for participating in the global qualifiers for the Paris Olympics, scheduled for the period from 9 Until next May 12. The Wrestling Federation decided to participate in the world qualifiers with a list that includes Mohamed Ibrahim Kisho and Samar Hamza. The global qualifiers are the last opportunity for both Kisho and Samar Hamza to obtain a ticket to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics, after they failed to qualify through the African Championship that was recently held in Alexandria.


Abu Kahla qualifies for Paris


Karim Abu Kahla, a player for the national weightlifting team, has reserved his place in the 2024 Paris Olympics, through the world rankings. Karim Abu Kahla is ranked sixth in the world in the 89 kg competition, a position that guarantees him qualification to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics. Karim Abu Kahla, a player in the national weightlifting team, won 3 silver medals during his participation in the 96 kg competition in the World Cup in Weightlifting. Currently in Thailand, Karim Abu Kahla lifted a weight of 165 kg, 205 kg in nitrate and clen, and 370 kg in total.


Olympic Meeting

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The General Assembly of the Olympic Committee held its regular meeting today, Sunday, at the committee’s headquarters in Cairo Stadium in Nasr City, to discuss a number of important issues, in addition to electing a new member to the position of Assistant Secretary-General, after the resignation of Muhammad Abdel Muttalib. The General Assembly witnessed the presence of 27 unions out of 28 who have the right to attend. The elections resulted in the victory of Hazem Hosni, President of the Shooting Federation, for the position of Assistant Secretary-General, after obtaining 12 votes compared to 9 votes obtained by Hassan Al-Bashbishi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Basketball Association.


International News< /h3>


Salah’s numbers against United


Mohamed Salah scored 13 goals against United, and also made 4 others, It won 6 matches, tied 4 others, and was defeated in 4 matches. According to the Opta network, For statistics, Mohamed Salah has scored more away goals at Old Trafford than at any other stadium since he became a Liverpool player. Salah scored 8 goals with the Reds at Old Trafford. During 7 matches, a total of 605 minutes. The statistics network indicated that no player ever scored against Manchester United in 4 consecutive visits to “Old Trafford.” In the English Premier League. The Egyptian star can achieve this historic record today, if he visits Manchester United again.


Ahly news


Al-Ahly injuries



A source in Al-Ahly club revealed the latest developments regarding the condition of injured players in Al-Ahly club, before returning to play the Egyptian League matches.

Al-Ahly club will face its counterpart, Enppi, next Monday at Cairo Stadium, as part of the postponements of the 16th round in the Egyptian Premier League.

The source said: “The x-rays performed by the Tunisian left-back Ali Maaloul, It was proven that he is suffering from mild fatigue.”

He added: “The medical staff at Al-Ahly Club believes that it is best to rest Maaloul in the next Enppi match in the league.”

Regarding the latest developments in Hussein Al-Shahat’s condition, The source concluded his statements: “The new x-rays that Al-Shahat performed showed that he suffers from two cracks in his face, and will need surgical intervention.”

Al-Shahat suffered an injury after a joint ball with a Tanzanian Simba defender, in a match held on Friday. Within the African Champions League competitions.

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