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Brad Pitt: Treat yourself to a bottle of his very rare champagne

Want to hit it big at your next dinner with friends? We advise you to arrive with a bottle signed Miraval. A brand from Brad Pitt, who is auctioning a bottle and it’s for a good cause too.

If the general public has started to know, over all these years, that Brad Pitt owns a wine estate in France, precisely in the Var, few probably know that he has also invested in a champagne project. In fact, he declined the Miraval brand to form Miraval Floweran exclusively rosé champagne in association with the Perrin and Péters families, in Mesnil-sur-Oger.

While Brad Pitt’s champagne is only produced in 20,000 copies distributed throughout the world, the American actor – under accusations of alleged physical violence against his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, who resold his shares of Miraval – will graciously donate one of its bottles. This one, a magnum of Miraval Flowerwill be auctioned on June 20, 2024 in Marseille, the daily tells us Provence.

Bard Pitt will not be the only one to offer one of his bottles since this will also be the case for Brad Pitt and director George Lucas, both of whom also own a wine estate in the Var. A sale instigated by the cooperative cellar of Vignerons de Correns, which brings together several well-known organic estates, the sale will donate the profits to two associations: Sustainable Villages, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Solidarité paysans, an organization which fights, everywhere in France, for the vitality of the rural fabric. “Half will go to the Democratic Republic of Congo to finance a training school. The other half is to help farmers in difficulty. We want to be united on a global and national level.”explained Michaël Latz, former mayor of Correns, to Var Morning.

In addition to a bottle of champagne from Brad Pitt’s estate, you will also need a bottle of white wine from George Clooney’s vines (bottled at the Correns cellar) and three 75 cl bottles from George Lucas’ estate. (Château Margüi estate, which produces white, red and rosé).

During the previous edition of this auction, 15,000 euros were raised. This year, the sale will be held within the restaurant The Cloister Gardens, in the 13th arrondissement of Marseille; All you have to do is reserve your table to participate in the auction. On the other hand, unless there are any last minute surprises, the three Hollywood stars should not be there.

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