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franceinfo junior. Why are some mushrooms threatened with extinction?

Cairo: Mai Kamal El-Din


For the first time, several mushrooms have just been placed on the Red List of threatened species in France. Among the 319 species recorded in these three groups in mainland France, 12 species are threatened, such as the ruby ​​bolete, the reticulated willow milkweed and the oak beetle, while 16 others appear almost threatened.explains thus the National Museum of Natural History on this subject who participated in the analyses.

We talk about it in franceinfo junior with CM1-CM2 students from the Ernest Renan school in Villeurbanne, near Lyon. To answer them: Marc-André Selosse, biologist and professor at the National Museum of Natural History, specializing in botany and mycology.

To start the show, Younès first wants to know if there are many species of mushrooms.endangered“. Ludovic wonders if the mushrooms are resistant“. Louca wants to know what eat the mushrooms“.

Again on the microphone, Ludovic wonders how to know if a mushroom is poisonous“. Marc-André Selosse, corrects him before answering his question: “a mushroom is poisonous” and not venomous.

On this page, listen again to this Franceinfo junior program on mushrooms, some of which are threatened with extinction.

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