The alarming rants of astrology influencer-turned killer who warned followers of impending ‘apocalypse’

In the early hours of Monday 8 April, following a loud verbal altercation at their home in north Los Angeles, 34-year-old Danielle Johnson stabbed her partner and fled in a dark-coloured Porsche SUV with her two young children.

As the car sped down the 405 Freeway, Johnson suddenly pushed her children out of the vehicle and into the path of oncoming traffic. Her eight-month-old baby was killed, but her nine-year-old sister survived the horrific events. Their mother later died after ploughing the car into a tree.

Johnson, an astrology influencer and peddler of spiritual remedies, had recently taken to social media to warn her extensive following of an impending “apocalypse” ahead of the solar eclipse, which swept across North America and around the world later on Monday.

In erratic posts in the days leading up to the tragedy she told people to get their hearts “in the right place” and “pick a side” ahead of a “new world order”.

Police say that no instances of a domestic disturbance between Johnson and her 29-year-old boyfriend Jaelen Chaney had been reported previously and that the motive for the mother-of-two’s shocking actions was still unclear.

Here is what we know:

Johnson – known online as Danielle Ayoka – was an astrology influencer and would-be spiritual healer, claiming to be a certified Reiki Master Teacher trained in over 10 different “alternative healing modalities.”

According to her website, she suffered a near-death experience at the age of three, which “served as her rite of passage into Shamanism”. The site says she came from a line of Indigenous Shaman and Medicine Women which caused her “spiritual gifts” to “blossom”.

She studied psychology at the undergraduate level before starting her professional career.

Johnson began tutelage with a personal healer in 2011, spending three years in training. From this, she claimed to have created a unique method of healing that combined her training with her previous knowledge of “energy, physics and psychology”.

She was also an aspiring musical artist – producing low-fi and electronic music under the name Ayoka.

The artist released an album in 2020, followed by several singles in 2021. The most popular track, Weekend, has around 200,000 listens on Spotify.

Johnson’s personal net worth is unknown, and it is unclear to whom the Porsche SUV in which she made her desperate escape belonged.

Her website offers a variety of services such as rituals, intuitive guidance, remote healing and astrology. The various “aura cleanses” range in price from $2.99 to $150 per month, though other family and friends packages were available.

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