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5 information about the format of questions for the 2024 high school exams

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education revealed the specifications and format of the 2024 secondary school exams. In the following report, we monitor the most prominent forms and specifications of the questions:


– General secondary exam questions with the same general specifications. The past, and there is no change in the number of questions, whether optional or essay.


– High school exam questions are distributed across all simple, intermediate, and higher levels, including 70% for the upper simple levels and 30%. For simple levels.


– Develop an answer model for essay questions that includes all possible answers, and the objective questions will be clear and specific and have only one correct answer among the four alternatives, with the questions focusing on Measuring the basic learning outcomes, grading the levels of questions, and avoiding complexity.


– Taking into account the rules of technical formulation of questions, provided that the questions are clear, specific, and not subject to interpretation.


– The number of questions in each exam will be proportional to the time allocated for answering and reviewing, with the grades allocated for answering the essay questions distributed among the solution steps and not just the final result.




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