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Will Emmanuel Moire leave Tomorrow Belongs to Us? “I pass the torch”

Emmanuel Moire, who is releasing his new single, is making his comeback in music. But will the 44-year-old singer, who plays a key role in the series “Demain Nous Belongs”, have to leave the series due to lack of time?

Emmanuel Moire is back on the music scene! The former interpreter of Louis XIV in the musical The sun King had not released an album since 2019 with his opus Odyssey. But he missed music and now he presents his new title Be a man, taken from an album which should be released at the end of the year. However, the 44-year-old singer’s schedule looks busy since he also plays the role of François Lehaut in the series Tomorrow Belongs to Us since 2021. Will he be able to reconcile everything or will he have to make sacrifices?

Will Emmanuel Moire abandon Tomorrow Belongs to Us?

While Emmanuel Moire plays Professor Lehaut in the successful TF1 series, it is difficult to imagine him juggling the new imperatives linked to the release of his single and the busy filming sessions! But then, the winner of the third season of Dance with the stars Does he intend to slow down, or even leave the series in order to devote himself fully to music? “I’m not filming during the month of April because I’m on promotion. We try to find solutions“, he confided in an interview with 20 minutesthis April 12.

That the fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us rest assured, the singer does not plan to say goodbye to viewers anytime soon! “I don’t want to make a choice, whether with DNA or other fictions. The idea is to keep playing. I really enjoy filming. I love this excitement. Now we will have to juggle schedules“, he assured.

However, it could be that the character of Emmanuel Moire is much less present on screen. “Last year I was very well served in terms of storytelling, there, I think my character will slip away a little and come back later. It’s the lot of everyday life, one thing is one, one thing is the other. There, it’s good that I pass the torch a little“, he explained. You have been warned!

Emmanuel Moire, in “lack”: “You have to be honest…”

If Emmanuel Moire took acting lessons before Covid, he never forgot his first love: music. “In recent years I’ve been doing other things, but I’ve never stopped making music. At one point, I piled up ideas for melodies and lyrics and it started to make up the album that was going to happen.”he detailed before specifying: “And then, I have to be honest, when I see my friends promoting their new titles, their tours, I admit feeling a great lack of all that“.

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