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Sylvie Tellier destroyed after her election to Miss France…

Contrary to what one might think, being elected Miss France sometimes closes doors. Sylvie Tellier spoke about the many clichés that stick to the skin of beauty queens.

It’s not always easy to be Miss France. In 2024, clichés die hard on beauty queens. Can you be beautiful and intelligent at the same time? Some people still doubt it today! Sylvie Tellier, elected Miss France in 2002, looked back on the judgments she suffered throughout her career. One of the main ones: being Miss and studying law. For many, the two are incompatible.

Sylvie Tellier, mocked: “She must not have invented hot water”

Sylvie Tellier was only 19 years old when she became Miss Vendée. It’s 1997 and it was her boyfriend’s mother who registered her for the local election. The machine is launched. In 2002, Sylvie Tellier was crowned Miss France under the leadership of Geneviève de Fontenay. She was then studying law and dreamed of becoming a lawyer. So obviously, her journey raises questions in this beauty contest where the intellect of the participants is often called into question.

An aspect of her career on which she agreed to return in front of the channel’s camera Paris Premiere. “You are preparing for the lawyer competition, why are you running for the Misses?”we will tell her, as she tells it in the documentary Prejudices: Welcome to the land of preconceived ideas! signed Jérôme Verdière. Sylvie Tellier deplores the cliché often perpetuated among Misses: “Be beautiful and stop talking.”

Sylvie Tellier, however, does not meet all the criteria for a blonde, as she likes to point out with humor. “I’m blonde but I don’t have big breasts!”she says with humor. “I’m over 1m70, I have light eyes…” Another cliché around beauty queens: “You can’t be Miss and be a feminist”explains Sylvie Tellier. “She must not have invented hot water”, is one of the many reflections to which the mother of Margaux, Romeo and Oscar was regularly entitled.

Has Sylvie Tellier turned the page on Miss France?

At 45, Sylvie Tellier is at peace. Former director of the Miss France company until 2023, she (almost) turned this page of her life by leaving management after 17 years of good and loyal service, replaced by Cindy Fabre. Today, however, she remains involved in the organization of the annual ceremony which crowns the most beautiful woman in France.

A withdrawal from media life which allows her to devote herself to another project which makes her excited: the construction of her house in Vendée with her husband Laurent. A property located near his mother’s house and in a place that is close to his heart. It was there that Sylvie Tellier grew up as a child. This return to his roots does him good!

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