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Al-Quseir inspects the Animal Health Institute’s laboratories and pesticide residues

Mr. Al-Quseir, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, visited the laboratories of the Institute of Animal Health and Pesticide Residues to follow up on the progress of work and meet with researchers, in the presence of Dr. Adel Abdel Azim, Head of the Agricultural Research Center, Dr. Mumtaz Shaheen, Director of the Animal Health Institute, and Dr. Hend Abdel-Lah, Director of the Central Laboratory for Pesticide Residues and Elements Analysis. Heavy food in food.

Al-Quseir stressed that the aim of the visit is to follow up on the progress of work in the laboratories concerned with the food safety system for the local market and to support Egyptian agricultural exports. He praised the efforts made by researchers in this field, and said that the ministry owns a group It is one of the highest-level laboratories for examining foods, whether offered in local markets or for export, and has become reference and international laboratories for the African Union and the Middle East region, as it has been equipped with the latest advanced equipment in the field of food safety of plant and animal origin. 

The Minister of Agriculture added The state provides all support for research, development, laboratories, and everything related to food security because it is linked to the national security of countries, indicating that in light of the limited natural resources such as land and water, interest in increasing productivity has become the magic solution to facing challenges and crises, and this comes through applied research 

The "short" The state is harnessing all its capabilities to support the food security system and activities related to agriculture, stressing that the agricultural sector witnessed an unprecedented renaissance during the rule of President Sisi and proactive measures that enabled the state to confront global challenges and crises and achieve food security for its citizens.

The Minister of Agriculture directed the researchers By making more efforts to keep pace with the renaissance witnessed by the Egyptian agricultural export system to support the national economy, as the total agricultural exports last year reached 7.5 million tons, and we seek to exceed 8 million tons this year, indicating the necessity of paying attention to agricultural industrialization to increase exports and achieve added value to the national product 

Al-Quseir directed to intensify oversight of food products in local markets and to take random samples from markets and wholesale and retail outlets and analyze them in the Ministry’s laboratories to ensure food safety for the Egyptian citizen, while taking all measures, oversight and governance to ensure that the results of the analysis are not tampered with after receiving them.

This morning, the Minister of Agriculture toured the animal health and pesticide residue laboratories, during which he inspected the laboratories and the modern equipment that the laboratories were provided with.

He gave the signal to start the automated call service at the central laboratory for analysis. Pesticide residues, which come within the framework of the Ministry’s efforts for digital transformation and expanding the provision of electronic services to facilitate procedures for citizens and customers. 


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