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Secretary "Rights of elders" Calls on the international community to intervene to stop the escalation in the region

Dr. Rasha Ishaq, Secretary of the Senate Human Rights and Social Solidarity Committee, denounced the expansion of the circle of conflict in the region as a result of the recent escalation between Iran and Israel, stressing that it is an inevitable extension of the brutal Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip, which Egypt has repeatedly warned against in the past. Every international and regional occasion.

"Ishaq" confirmed The Israeli aggression against Gaza violated all international norms and laws, and its continuation resulted in the ongoing dangerous escalation on the scene, indicating that Egypt warned of the dangers of expanding the conflict in the region, especially in the wake of the intensification of the military operation in Gaza and the intensification of provocative military activities that were observed in the region.< /p>

The Senator appreciated Egypt’s commitment to supporting peace and stability in the region through continuous communication with all concerned parties, and striving to contain the escalating tensions and avoid any other threats to the stability of the region and the interests of its people.

She stressed: The stability of the Middle East region is directly and inevitably linked to the settlement of the Palestinian issue through the implementation of the two-state solution and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, whose people enjoy full rights like the rest of the peoples of the world, on the 1967 borders, which is highlighted by the efforts of the Egyptian state throughout history to support its brothers.

She explained that what is happening in the Middle East is the result of the decline in the effectiveness of organizations implementing international law, such as the Security Council and the United Nations, calling on the international community to be wise in dealing with these thorny issues, and to completely stop double standards, especially with regard to the Palestinian issue to stop the escalation. .

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