Urgent.. Indonesia: At least 14 dead and dozens missing as a result of floods

The National Disaster Management Authority in Indonesia announced today that 14 people were killed, two others were injured, and dozens were missing after being swept away by torrential rains, as a result of a landslide in the South Sulawesi province in central Indonesia.

A statement from the authority stated that: The bodies of 14 people who died were found and the search is still underway for others, after they were swept away on Saturday night by a landslide in the Tana Toroya area, caused by heavy rains and torrential torrential rains.

It should be noted that Indonesia is exposed during the rainy season. Due to landslides, desertification has increased in severity in some places, and is causing floods in various areas of the archipelago, which witnessed earlier this year floods and landslides on the island of Sumatra that claimed the lives of 48 people and the loss of others.

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