Women’s Six Nations: "We have the weapons to beat England"assures the captain of the Bleues Manaé Feleu

“We have the weapons to beat England, but we have to use them well”estimated Sunday April 14, in Le Club info de franceinfo the captain of the French women’s XV, Manaé Feleu, after a third victory in three matches in the Six Nations Tournament, Sunday afternoon against Italy (38- 15).

With this third victory in three matches, the French are still in the race for the grand slam. This will require defeating Wales in Cardiff next Sunday, then beating the five-time defending champions England in Bordeaux in two weeks. “I think we have the means”assured the captain of the Blue.

“Last year, during the match we played at Twickenham, I think we saw that we have the weapons,” continued the woman who, at 24, is a fifth-year medical student in Grenoble. “The day we manage to play to our strengths and our identity in every match, we will be able to defeat anyone.” “This year we have made some changes in the game plan, which allows us to play after contact and pass a little more,” she finished.

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