Gomez’s comment after the victory over Al-Ahly

The Portuguese Jose Gomez, coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, said that the Al-Ahly match had special calculations, explaining that his team tried in the first half to impose its method, and this was not easy due to the mentality of the players and facing a strong competitor.  


The technical director continued in the press conference: At times the match gave us an opportunity to play our way, but it was difficult at times because of the strength of the opponent, and when we played today we created opportunities. It was fun against Al-Ahly’s goal, and we did not go through the match in the same way, but Zamalek deserved to win, and at the end of the match the team could have scored more goals and the score had reached 4-1. 

With regard to changing Ahmed Hamdy and Abdullah Al-Saeed, he said : “I changed Hamdi and Abdullah because I felt that after the first 15 minutes of the second half there was a breakthrough from Omar Jaber’s front and there was a problem, and I brought in Sayyed Abdullah “Neymar.” In order to support Omar Gaber, Nasser Maher entered the field, and I know that if two changes are made at once, it is a challenge,  But I had confidence in the trio of Dunga, Shehata, and Nasser."

When asked about Saif Jaafar’s participation, Gomez said: " “Why didn’t you ask me about Mutyaba? I repeated the same thing with Ziad Kamal and Mohab Yasser, and today with Mr. Neymar. I know very well what they have and I know his energy, and sometimes the player coming off the bench is like a watermelon. You need to discover him, what he possesses, and what he will offer?”

Gomez added: “I work daily with the players and there is no one who needs Zamalek to win like me. The natural idea is to close Al-Ahly’s left front because they would have surpassed Omar Gaber and the changes were useful.”

The technical director said: “Sometimes I see pictures and videos of my reaction during matches, and the fans are not the only players who have a sense of the match, and my strong reactions today during the match because they have a special account because we are able to win against any competitor, and sometimes I am calm and happy.” On the bench, like Nasser Maher’s goal against Al-Ittihad, because we trained for this game.”

Gomez concluded by saying: “The administration supports us with full force and we are working with all our might on the field to achieve victories.”

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