Iran’s strikes against Israel: the Jewish state benefits from aid "that we refuse to Ukrainians"according to a historian

Cairo: Hani Kamal El-Din


“Israel benefits from full support from the American military-industrial apparatus”, explains Sunday April 14 on franceinfo Cédric Mas, military historian. He claims that the Jewish state received “German, British and French deliveries since the representative of the Israeli army confirmed that French aid had also been important in this area.” France contributed to “area surveillance” during Iran’s attack on Israel, franceinfo learned from a French military source.

Exceptional support for Israel, “Western aid to Israel has increased between 10 and 30 since the 7 october 2023″ according to him. Yet a generosity “which we are denying to the Ukrainians at the same time. The difficulties in Ukraine today are the direct consequence of the attack of October 7 and the redirection of massive Western aid towards Israel”explains Cédric Mas.

“It is really linked to political choices at the highest level which have been made and which perhaps deserve to be discussed, especially if Benjamin Netanyahu does not listen to the advice of moderation from the international community and its supporters and chooses climbing.”

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