"The Climate Tribe" The Hamdan Bin Mohammed International Photography Award announces the winners of the COP28 Photography Competition

ABU DHABI, 15 APRIL/WAM/ The Climate Tribe and the Hamdan Bin Mohammed International Photography Award announced the winners of the COP28 Photography Competition.

This competition represents the first initiative of its kind within the framework of the partnership between the two parties signed at the COP28 climate conference, which seeks to maximize the impact of photography in creating an active society focused on work and sustainability at the local and global levels.

All works participating in this competition are original works, forming a cohesive group of images that focus on climate and sustainability. ‎

The competition included two categories: “Planet” and “Solutions,” inviting photographers to interpret these two topics creatively. Participating works were evaluated based on creativity, impact and ability to convey a strong message about climate change and sustainable solutions.

First place in the “Planet” category was won by Iranian photographer Arif Tahmasebi for his aerial photo, which he called “Above the Barren Land,” in which he expresses his regret for the permanent effects that humans are leaving on our planet, along with his photo that highlights the effect of dried-up rivers.

Italian photographer Vito Finocchiaro won first place in the “Solutions” category for his series of 5 images that highlight the importance of bees in our food systems and traditional and sustainable beekeeping methods.

The Italian photographer’s work is characterized by its optimistic nature, which encourages others to protect this extremely important insect through awareness and action.

Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, President and CEO of The Climate Tribe Foundation, said, “I was pleased to see the great diversity of images that tell global stories about sustainability and climate action, and we look forward to amplifying the work of these artists and telling their visual stories about The Climate Tribe.”

She added, “Every image has the potential to be a catalyst for change and inspire individuals and communities to take meaningful steps towards a sustainable future.”

She continued, “I was also inspired by seeing the number of photos that featured the UAE’s environment and sustainable solutions. Photographers and residents of many nationalities reminded me of the beauty of my country, highlighting the concerted efforts made by our leadership and our country together to make the UAE a sustainable country.”

She added, “I thank all photographers and am proud to partner with the Hamdan Bin Mohammed International Photography Award.”

His Excellency Ali Khalifa Bin Thalith, Secretary General of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed International Photography Award, said: “This collaboration between The Climate Tribe and the Hamdan International Photography Award represents an important step forward at the intersection of art and environmental action, and by harnessing the power of photography to tell visual stories.” “This partnership aims to encourage a deeper connection between communities around the world and the urgent need for climate action.”

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