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The Minister of Irrigation follows up on the maintenance of the new Esna Barrage lock and modernizes the bridge’s operating systems

Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, stated that the maintenance work carried out by the Ministry’s agencies aims to preserve the infrastructure of the water facilities and the vital facilities attached to them, such as the locks, as part of the work of the strategic plan to replace and renew the major water facilities on the Nile River, its branches, winds, and the main canals. affiliated with the Reservoirs Sector, which aims to follow up on the condition of the barrages with all their components and take any decisions related to the replacement, renewal and maintenance of these barrages and the locks attached to them.


He added that integrated programs have been implemented to maintain the components of the Esna Barrage. The new Esna Barrage and the maintenance and operation team of the General Administration of the New Esna Barrage carried out major maintenance work on all the components of the side tunnel gate towards the front east of the additional navigation lock, and the necessary grouting and painting work for it and all the necessary work, in order to raise The efficiency of the gate to carry out its role optimally in the filling and emptying work of the navigational lock basin, taking into account that the ongoing works in the gate do not affect the navigation movement crossing the two locks.

In conjunction with the maintenance process of the Esna Barrage Lock… the second phase of the Esna Barrage Lock is currently being implemented. A project to modernize the operating, control and monitoring systems and devices for the new Esna Barrage spillway, which is one of the Ministry’s projects that aims to apply the latest modern technology techniques in the management and operation of the barrages to increase control over the passage of the required water flows by improving the performance of the spillway gates by raising their efficiency and resolving all electrical faults. And mechanical, and to determine the condition of all metal parts to repair them, and to raise the efficiency of their control and to ensure ease of operation and balance of movement. This work is scheduled to end in December 2024.


It is worth noting that the Esna Barrage Al-Jadeeda is one of the most important major barrage projects built on the Nile River. The Esna Barrage and its attached lock were constructed in 1993 to improve the process of controlling the passage of water flows. The additional lock for the Esna Barrage was also constructed in 2008 for the purpose of developing and facilitating river navigation and reducing the crossing time of floaters. Tourism at the Esna Barrage Lock heading from Luxor to Aswan and vice versa, as well as the non-stopping of river navigation and tourist traffic during periods of lock maintenance.

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