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A DALS judge distressed by the Inès Reg/Natasha St-Pier clash

The 13th season of “DALS” was marked by the falling out between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier. One of the judges has just spoken and regrets the turn of events. He also denies a rumor about the clash.

This Monday, April 15, 2024, the flagship juror of Dance with the starsChris Marques, spoke in the columns of 7 Days TV. Asked about the scope of the show, and his future in the program, the 45-year-old dancer and choreographer spoke up without incident. Even on the affair which has cast a shadow over the TF1 program for several weeks: the clash between Natasha St-Pier and Inès Reg.

“It’s better to forget and move on” : Chris Marques clear, clean and precise

Obviously, during his interview with our colleagues, the one that France discovered in 2011 did not escape the famous question on “the Natasha St-Pier VS Inès Reg affair”. Indeed, a clash between the 43-year-old singer and the famous comedian broke out in the first weeks of competition. A very bad joke on the part of the Canadian who did a lot of damage behind the scenes, and who damaged the image of the family show.

And for good reason, after Inès Reg let her anger explode against Natasha St-Pier’s dancer, Anthony Colette, whom she even threatened to kill, charges were filed against her. An altercation closely followed by a good number of viewers and Internet users, even by those who do not watch the show hosted by Camille Combal.

Far from shying away, Chris Marques put an end to a rumor and wanted to point out that this affair had not at all been set up by the production to create buzz around DALS. “It wasn’t a stunt at all. The show was there to make people dream, not to re-anchor them in human relationships”, he replied straight away. Before closing the topic: “There are always failures, our artists are subjected to hours of dancing, of interviews. It’s normal that things get heated sometimes. There’s nothing bad, but now, we’re no longer selling dream, it’s better to forget and move on”.

Will Chris Marques be in the next season of Dance with the stars ?

Asked about his future in the program, Jean-Marc Généreux’s sidekick, Fauve Hautot and this year Mel Charlot, was once again very enthusiastic. “We refocused on dance and the journey of our stars and we really liked it. The audiences are more than satisfactory”, he first said. Before answering in the affirmative: “If I am called next season, I will come back with pleasure”. This should delight fans of the show’s first hour.

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