A zoo burned down in Yevpatoria – more than 200 animals died

Cairo: Hani Kamal El-Din


On the night of April 16, the Tropicpark Zoo burned down in Yevpatoria, annexed Crimea. More than two hundred animals died writes TASS.

“It’s a big tragedy, all the animals died, more than 200 of them. I can’t say any more details yet,” a zoo representative told the agency.

At the same time, according to RIA Novosti and local telegram channels, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations managed to save two bears. Also due to the smoke-filled room brought out zoo employee. Now there is a strait of territory.

The preliminary cause of the fire is a short circuit in the refrigerator wiring. Investigators started checking under the article on the provision of services that do not meet safety requirements.

In a five-story zoo lived lemurs, raccoons, parrots, caimans, turtles, boa constrictors and many others.

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