"American defense" It underscores the difficulty of avoiding an attack on Kabul Airport in 2021

 The US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) confirmed the difficulty of avoiding the attack on Kabul Airport that occurred in August 2021 during the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, in a complementary investigation to uncover the circumstances of this incident.

Al Hurra TV reported The American News Today (Tuesday) said that this announcement came after the conclusion of the complementary investigation, during which new witnesses were interrogated to reveal the circumstances of this terrorist incident, with the same results as the previous investigation into the attack claimed by ISIS, which left more than 17 dead, including 13 American soldiers. 

An official in the new investigation team said that there was no possibility of confronting the attacker, called Abd al-Rahman al-Lujari, before detonating the explosive devices, indicating that the attacker arrived shortly before the attack and was not the same suspect whom the snipers had referred to earlier that same day.  

The US Central Command, Centcom, had ordered – in September 2023 – to conduct a complementary investigation, the results of which concluded that a single person from ISIS carried out the attack by blowing himself up and that the attack could not have been avoided.

The attack targeted a crowd that gathered outside the airport in the hope of being able to board a plane leaving the country, at a time when the Taliban movement took control of the Afghan capital, Kabul.

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