Beveridge snarls at 'crisis' suggestions at the Dogs

Under fire Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge says his side isn’t undergoing a rebuilding, simply because he doesn’t believe in them.

Beveridge’s selections decisions, which include axing small defender Caleb Daniel and lack of clarity for his playing group has gained criticism, as the club struggles to repeat their 2016 premiership efforts.

Their 2-3 win-loss record has also come under fire, with fears he has lost trust from the broader Bulldogs committee.

But when questioned on whether he has lost the support of his players, Beveridge laughed off the claim.

“It’s a totally fiction, that’s all I’ll say,” Beveridge told reporters on Tuesday.

“The senior boys who have missed out, they get it, they understand and their attitude (towards being dropped) has been unbelievable.”

As for suggestions that he is actually taking his side through a rebuild and cannot push for finals, the 2016 premiership coach declared that ideology isn’t a factor in his game plan.

“The ‘rebuilding’ term is a myth,” Beveridge said.

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